Himokilan Island: A Short But Sweet Visit

It had been an exhilarating day visiting Mahaba and Digyo Islands, the first two islands on our Cuatro Islas island-hopping tour. Hopping back on board our boat to wave goodbye to Digyo we realized it was nearing 3PM. That would leave us with barely enough time to make it to the last island on our tour before heading back to the mainland and catching a van to get back to Ormoc City before dark. Continue reading Himokilan Island: A Short But Sweet Visit

Digyo Island: Bare Essentials

For several years now we’ve been lured to off-the-beaten track destinations for one primary reason: the raw, untouched beauty of such places. We have nothing against developed tourist spots but most out-of-the-way vacation spots are closer to nature and allow for moments of solitude. The downside of course is the lack of what most travelers consider as basic conveniences. In some cases we would end up in places without electricity, running water or even food and a decent place to sleep in.

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Start of Summer at Mahaba Island

For several days we’ve been tracking the progress of Tropical Storm Bavi as it made its way across the Marianas group of islands in the Pacific. It was forecast to enter the Philippines possibly hitting the Eastern Visayas – long the seemingly preferred route of typhoons. With this development it might have been wise to postpone our trip to Leyte but, unfortunately, we had already paid for our discounted tickets and it was practically impossible to rebook flights. It seemed like another one of those goof-ups when you try to save on travel expenses but end up spending more in the process.

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