2015 Travel Destinations in Photos

2015 was in several ways a boon for travel. With unusually few typhoons throughout the year and somewhat less rougher seas it was possible to visit various spots in the Philippines almost the whole year round. Here are some of our photo highlights from the year that was.

Balagbag Falls in Real, Quezon
Balagbag Falls in Real, Quezon. Just three hours away from Metro Manila, Real is the nearest Pacific Ocean coastal town to the nation’s capital. There’s more besides coastal scenery in this town, however.
Digyo Island, Cuatro Islas, Leyte
Digyo Island, Cuatro Islas, Leyte. Lying off the towns of Inopacan and Hindang are four island jewels – appropriately named Cuatro Islas – that are just now becoming popular.
Mahaba Island, Cuatro Islas, Leyte
Mahaba Island, Cuatro Islas. These islands are home to some of the clearest waters we’ve seen in recent memory.
sunset at Ormoc city pier
Sunset, Ormoc City pier, Leyte. This city is famous for its beautiful sunsets. We were awestruck by the lights display here but our friend from this city said he was witness to many even more dramatic sunsets.
storm clouds over Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte
Storm rising, Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte. This beautiful island was not spared from the wrath of Typhoon Yolanda but has since recovered. Its centerpiece is the long, snaking sandbar shown above (there used to be two until the typhoon hit).
blue sky over Manjuyod Sandbar, Bais, Negros Oriental
Bullet the Blue Sky. Sunny April found us in Negros Oriental. It was too late to catch the low tide at the Manjuyod Sandbar in Bais but the views were still spectacular.
a pair of dolphins at the Tañon Strait.
Our major reason for visiting Bais was actually this: watching dolphins at the Tañon Strait.
sunrise at the baywalk, Rizal Blvd., Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Dumaguete in Negros Oriental is our dream city destination. This is a sunrise scene at the baywalk along Rizal Boulevard.
what shark approaching a boat to feed
Oslob’s gentle giants: whale shark-watching at the coastal town of Oslob in southern Cebu.
approaching the Sumilon Island sandbar
We treated it as a side trip to our Oslob whale shark-watching tour but the sandbar at Sumilon Island warrants much more attention.
sunset at Tambobong Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan
The times-they-are-a-changin.’ With paved roads and more tourism development, Dasol’s beaches and Colibra Island are opening up to the world as we learned on our second visit here. We just hope they do development responsibly…
sunset at Tambobong Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan
Colibra Island in Dasol Bay also used to be called Snake Island because of its sea snake population. Now the sea snakes are all but gone. Not necessarily a good thing.
adult and juvenile Philippine Eagles at the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao
From a handful of eagles the last time Nina visited this place, the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao now houses 36 Philippine eagles, other birds of prey and wildlife. Half of the eagles, including this injured juvenile, were rescued from the wild.
durian fruit showing thorny exterior
Stink can be good, especially if it’s durian. You’ve never really been to Davao if you haven’t tried this fruit
Isla Reta, Talicud Island, Davao del Norte
Bows and flows of angel hair… Clouds above the white sand beach of Isla Reta, Talicud Island, IGACOS, Davao del Norte.
San Juan Bautista Church, Liliw, Laguna
One of the most beautiful churches we’ve seen thus far: the red brick San Juan Bautista Church in Liliw, Laguna.
Lake Mohikap, San Pablo, Laguna
The Seven Lakes of San Pablo, Laguna were actually formed by volcanic activity. This is Lake Mohikap.
Dicasalarin Cove, Baler, Aurora
Panoramic view of Dicasalarin Cove and Bay in Baler, Aurora. The road leading to this cove is just one-lane wide. We had to hurry up with our photography so as not to keep other motorists from waiting too long.
sunrise at Diguisit Beach, Baler, Aurora
Sunrise at Diguisit Beach, Baler. Beyond surfing, this town in Aurora has several scenic attractions.

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