Solitude at Kagusuan Beach

You won’t find this beach on the itinerary of most tours being offered in Siquijor. But after observing a few pictures of it online we were determined to see Kagusuan Beach for ourselves. Our chance came during our visit to Siquijor two years ago. Apparently not all locals know the way to this beach but fortunately Dondon, the driver of our rented tricycle, knew the route. As we detoured from the main highway into the interior and finally down a narrow, unpaved track through a wooded area, we realized just how secluded Kagusuan Beach is.

Kagusuan Beach, Maria, Siquijor
Kagusuan Beach in Maria, Siquijor

Kagusuan Beach lies in Minalulan at the southern part of Maria just before the boundary of Lazi town. It is situated below a cliff and may be easily accessed through a concrete stairway a few meters from a small parking area at the end of the track through the woods. Many of the beaches in Siquijor are cloistered but Kagusuan Beach offers solitude more than any beach we had set foot on in the island.

crystal-clear turquoise waters off Kagusuan Beach
Glass-like turquoise waters off Kagusuan Beach

We immediately fell in love with this beach at first sight. The creamy white, fine sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters are typical of several beaches in Siquijor but Kagusuan also features huge rock formations scattered about the shoreline. We did not swim nor snorkel at Kagusuan that day but chose to just simply enjoy the picturesque seascape.

rock formations at Kagusuan Beach, Maria, Siquijor
Rock formations at Kagusuan Beach

But the most interesting feature of Kagusuan Beach is its secluded nature. There are no resorts here or even huts for rent. We did find remnants of a few small, abandoned structures tucked a few meters inland. Some fishing boats had also made the beach a docking area but otherwise the beach is practically deserted. We were the only souls in Kagusuan until a lone European in a motorbike appeared just as we were about to leave.

fine white sand and rock formations at Kagusuan Beach
Kagusuan’s fine, white sand and rock formations

If solitude and interacting with nature is your thing, Kagusuan Beach is perfect for you. It was for us and should we revisit Siquijor we would not think twice about returning to this beach.

deserted beach front, Kagusuan Beach at Maria, Siquijor
No resorts here… for now

Getting There

If you’re staying anywhere in Siquijor, you can hire a trike (tricycle) and ask the driver to take you to Kagusuan. It’s best to go on a tour for the day and to include Kagusuan Beach on your itinerary. Your trike driver will usually double as a tour guide. Or you can rent a motorbike and travel on your own. Going there on your own might be tricky though as there are no road signs pointing to Kagusuan (at least in 2013).

rock boulder at Kagusuan Beach

For more tips on getting to and around Siquijor visit this page.

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