Sunshine Stolen at Gumasa Beach

Sitting on a crowded van as we made our way from General Santos City on an early December morning, we could imagine the crystal-clear turquoise waters and sparkling white sandy beach waiting for us at the end of our trip. The pictures we’ve seen of Gumasa Beach in Glan, Saranggani were enough to convince us to include this coastal destination on our trip to southern Mindanao at the end of 2014. After enjoying our brief visit to Lake Sebu and spending a night at General Santos, we were really looking forward to this trip.

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Aliw Falls: Amused by Luisiana’s Gem of a Waterfall

For the longest time, the province of Laguna was synonymous with the Pagsanjan Falls (now known as Cavinti Falls) and its accompanying shooting-the-rapids boat ride. But in the past 10 years or so, several other major waterfalls all over the province – beside other natural attractions – have gained prominence. And it seems that previously unheard-of falls keep getting discovered every year. Continue reading Aliw Falls: Amused by Luisiana’s Gem of a Waterfall

Time Stands Still at Sandugan Beach

After our ferry from Dumaguete landed at Larena town we were off to our home for the next three days – a dive resort at a secluded beach in the northeastern tip of Siquijor island province. Our short trike ride took us through a scenic coast past a sleepy, charming countryside before detouring into a narrow track and into Sandugan Beach where Kiwi Dive Resort is located. It may not be as beautiful as Paliton Beach and the other more popular beaches at San Juan and Maria towns, but Sandugan Beach is a hidden gem in itself.

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Batlag Falls: Tucked-Away Serenity

We arrived at Daranak Falls after a stopover lunch at Tanay’s Paseo de Rizal. Not surprisingly, Daranak was slowly filling up with visitors enjoying its cascades and turquoise pools. On a weekday at that. But while the views were stunning, we were finding it difficult to shoot as much photos as we wanted without having multitudes bombing our shots. That settles it. Time to move on, leave Daranak and head for a lesser-known falls just a surprisingly short distance uphill.

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