Los Baños: Dampalit Falls and Dining Places

Los Baños used to be the summer getaway we would often look forward to in our younger years. Its hot springs, swimming pools and proximity to Manila helped make it a preferred destination. But as our world opened up and we started traveling to more distant lands, those Los Baños summer escapades soon faded into... Continue Reading →

Tiaong, Quezon: A Visit to the Master Potter

For an artist who made a name selling his craft at Metro Manila’s plush housing subdivisions, Ugu Bigyan is so unassuming he even chose a relatively hidden location in a quiet town. When we first went here 12 years ago the locals living in the area were surprised such a place existed. So much so... Continue Reading →

Real, Quezon: A Quick Getaway

It’s not often that we travel for more than two hours just to savor freshly caught seafood. The coastal town of Real, Quezon is one of those rare exceptions. Its proximity to Manila and the variety of attractions it offers besides the seafood – pristine waterfalls, lush forests, fast-moving rivers for white water rafting, a... Continue Reading →

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