Beach-Hopping at Virac, Catanduanes

Since 1988 Catanduanes has been known as a surfer’s haven but not having surfed at any point in our lives we kept the island province out of our bucket list for a long time. Three years ago, however, more of the island province’s attractions beyond surfing spots began to show up on the tourism radar.... Continue Reading →

Chasing Beaches in Cavite

People have often asked if we could recommend nice beaches within 2 hours drive from Metro Manila. It’s an almost impossible question to answer since driving just to get outside of the metropolis would already take 2 hours in many cases. And then the nearest white sand beaches that we know – in the provinces... Continue Reading →

Pililla’s Wind Mills Revisited

Summer or the dry and hot season seems to be coming early this year with temperatures hanging around the mid-30’s in Metro Manila even as early as the last week of February. While that is the signal for most people to hit the beach or head for the cool highlands of the Cordilleras in Northern... Continue Reading →

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