Buntod Reef and Sandbar… at Different Tides

In the Philippines, most of the fascinating nature destinations are usually located at considerable distances from the cities. Not so in Masbate province as we would soon find out during the second leg of our 8-day visit to Ticao and Masbate Islands. Our first encounter with Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary and Sandbar was during our... Continue Reading →

Burubangkaso Island and Catandayagan Falls

As stunningly beautiful as Halea Nature Park is, it wasn’t the only remarkable natural feature on this side of the island of Ticao. Lying to the southwest is a small island featuring a collection of slab-like boulders looking like stack of books tilting to one side and a waterfall cascading down a rugged cliff into... Continue Reading →

The Temple of Literature, Hanoi

The Ho Chi Minh Complex in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh District or French Quarter was an easy commute from our hotel at the Old Quarter but we were in for a mild surprise that Saturday morning. As we stepped out of our taxi and shuffled over to the entrance of the complex housing Ho Chi Minh’s... Continue Reading →

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