Sunrise, Sunset… Over the Years

One of our favorite photography subjects during our travels are sunsets and sunrises. The different hues and color intensities produced by the sun and the sky have fascinated us no end. Particularly interesting are those scenes that involve bodies of water. Here are some of our shots over the years. We’ve also included some of... Continue Reading →

Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras

After a 9-hour bus ride from Metro Manila, a one-hour bumpy ride by jeepney and nearly an hour of trekking up and down a pathway among the hills we found ourselves standing at the rim of amphitheater-like terraced rice fields carved from the mountainside. These terraces in the upland village of Batad, now almost golden... Continue Reading →

Laguna: In Our Crosshairs for a Quick Getaway

This province is a no-brainer any time we want a quick and easy break away from the concrete jungle of Metro Manila. With its picturesque waterfalls, hot and cold springs, scenic lakes and historic spots, Laguna is a veritable plethora of natural, cultural and historical gems. Western Laguna The towns of western Laguna lie on... Continue Reading →

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