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Persian Dining… in Manila

Having traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South Asia several years ago as part of our work, we’ve been exposed to these regions’ various cuisines. So when several restaurants offering fare from these countries began mushrooming in Metro Manila a few years back we could easily satisfy our cravings whenever we miss food from these regions. While many of these restaurants have modified their dishes to suit the Filipino palette, there were enough of them that remained true to their roots.

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Food Tripping in Dumaguete

In a previous post we mentioned Dumaguete as having one of the densest concentrations of cafes and restaurants in the country. This ranges from hole-in the-wall types and small food stalls to diners, local cafes, restaurant chains and fancy dining places. Our only problem was choosing which place to go with our limited time in the city. Among the first we tried were those specializing in local and sea food dishes.

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Another Glimpse of San Pablo: The Sulyap Café

Our trip to Cagbalete Island cut short by a family emergency, we drove straight for home once we disembarked from our boat at Mauban port past 1PM. It was not yet dark when we reached San Pablo City and were contemplating having dinner at one of the gas stations along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). However, Nina’s aunt and uncle suggested we take early dinner instead at the Sulyap Gallery Café inside San Pablo City proper. They assured us the stopover would be worth it.

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