Baler: Beyond Surfing

The town of Baler is recognized as one of the premier surfing destinations in the Philippines. Strong swells from the Pacific and wide swaths of sandy beach front contribute to the popularity of the sport in this unassuming town of Aurora province. But for those of us who aren’t into surfing, no need to be... Continue Reading →

On the Narrow, Twisting Road to Dicasalarin Cove

We had our apprehensions before proceeding on the drive to our major destination for the day. Already we had to dodge some rocks resting on the side of the coastal road from Diguisit Beach, reminders of landslides that occur in this area. Soon we were headed up a steep and twisting road so narrow that... Continue Reading →

Baler: A Step Back Into Time

A remote coastal town and capital of the province of Aurora, Baler is popular among surfers and tourists for its breaking waves, rugged coastline and spectacular geographic formations. What most visitors may not know about this quaint town, however, is that it is steeped in history. A recent tour around the center of Baler made... Continue Reading →

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