Unlocking the Hidden Treasures of Catanduanes

For two decades the province of Catanduanes has solely been associated with surfing – primarily at Puraran Beach in Baras. Known as the “Land of Howling Winds” due to its location that placed it directly along the path of typhoons entering the country from the Pacific, Catanduanes, however, has so much more to offer. It... Continue Reading →

Puraran Beach for Non-Surfers

When locals in Baras, Catanduanes welcomed Australian surfer Peter Sutton to their isolated cove in 1984, they had no idea that his visit would help place Puraran Beach and Catanduanes on the tourist map. Sutton was lured by the perfect barrel waves brought off by swells from the Pacific breaking on Puraran’s offshore reef (later... Continue Reading →

Binurong Point’s Coastal Landscape

The town of Baras is often credited with making Catanduanes famous. The municipality’s Puraran Beach was discovered by an Australian as a surfing destination in 1984, eventually helping place Catanduanes province on the tourism radar. Baras, however has more to offer besides golden sand beaches and perfect barrel waves. Just three years ago, word started... Continue Reading →

Stopover at Bato, Catanduanes

We almost never got to see the attractions of Bato town in Catanduanes. Our original itinerary included the Cagnipa Rolling Hills and the beaches of Pandan town and possibly nearby Palumbanes Islands in Caramoran – attractions on the western coast. That proved to be too ambitious given our limited time and we ended up restricting... Continue Reading →

Beach-Hopping at Virac, Catanduanes

Since 1988 Catanduanes has been known as a surfer’s haven but not having surfed at any point in our lives we kept the island province out of our bucket list for a long time. Three years ago, however, more of the island province’s attractions beyond surfing spots began to show up on the tourism radar.... Continue Reading →

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