Intramuros and Binondo: A Tale of Two Districts

More than a month ago we revisited the walled district of Intramuros in Manila with friends. On the way there we passed by Binondo, Manila’s famed Chinatown, for lunch. It had been a while since we last visited this bustling district of offices, restaurants, food stalls, groceries and herbal stores. Our latest foray into Intramuros and Binondo stimulated Leo’s interest about the history of both districts.

A Walk Through Time at Intramuros, Manila

During 3 centuries of Spanish rule the 0.67 square kilometer Intramuros (Latin for “within the walls”) was considered the entire City of Manila and served as the political, religious, educational and economic center of the Spanish East Indies.

Rediscovering Manila

Before this pandemic we would never have imagined doing a tour of the old city of Manila. Whenever visiting friends from other countries would inquire about what place to visit in the Philippines we wouldn’t dare mention Manila.

Harbor Square: The Rewards of Patience

The Covid19 pandemic has messed up our travel plans and a lot more this year and 2020 will go down as probably one of the worst in our lives. Here in the Philippines a 7-month (and counting) lockdown has forced us to stay indoors for the most part.

Manila Bay’s Sunset Colors

Sunset at the Manila Bay waterfront along Roxas Boulevard has drawn crowds for decades. At least once a year we brave Manila's chaotic traffic to get to this spot to take photos. Here's a look back at some of them.

Chasing Manila Bay’s Sunset

In the Philippines, Holy Week – that long weekend from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday – is a time when people flock to the beach or go to the highlands to cool off. We used to do that for some time until it became a hassle to find flights, bus trips, ferry trips or resorts... Continue Reading →

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