A Misty Morning at Tanay’s Highlands

For a long time we’ve been wanting to visit the hilly sections of Tanay, Rizal and view its spectacular sunrise. We tried to drive there late last 2020 only to be turned back by local authorities who were enforcing strict lockdown rules. There was no denying us this time as Covid restrictions have been relaxed and with Leo now able to drive longer distances.

The Art Gallery with a View

The Rizal towns of Antipolo, Angono and Binangonan are known for its art galleries. Even the oldest known art work in the Philippines – the Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs believed to be 4,000 years old – is located in the area. But an art gallery with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside?

A Whiff of Fresh Air: Rizal’s Highlands

Staying mostly at home for more than 7 months is perhaps the ultimate test of sanity for these restless travelers. So recently, when the lockdown in the nation’s National Capital Region (NCR) was relaxed somewhat, we needed no further bidding to go on a trip outside the metro.

Revisiting Tanay’s Waterfalls

After a few weeks of monsoon rains in the country, we finally got a glimpse of good weather – cloudy still but no heavy rainfall for the time being. Wanting to escape the city even for just a solitary day we drove off to Tanay in Rizal province to revisit two waterfalls tucked away in... Continue Reading →

Hinulugang Taktak: Rehabbing a Waterfall

Back in the 1960’s it was a popular place to cool down during the summer. It even figured prominently in a popular folk song back then: Tayo na sa Antipolo (literally “Let’s go to Antipolo”). Sadly, it was also in the 1960’s that the waters of Hinulugang Taktak slowly began to be polluted. Urbanization of... Continue Reading →

Stranded at the Pinto Art Museum

With the habagat or southwest monsoon rains bearing down on the metropolis, it wasn’t exactly the ideal weather to go road-tripping but we still decided to push through with our plans for a one-day visit to the towns of Antipolo, Tanay and Pililia in Rizal province. After all, the farthest of these towns is just... Continue Reading →

Pililla’s Wind Mills Revisited

Summer or the dry and hot season seems to be coming early this year with temperatures hanging around the mid-30’s in Metro Manila even as early as the last week of February. While that is the signal for most people to hit the beach or head for the cool highlands of the Cordilleras in Northern... Continue Reading →

The Wind Mills of Pililla

Our numerous visits to Laguna and Quezon via the so-called backdoor route along the Manila East Road always takes us pass the quiet town of Pililla, Rizal. Despite the beautiful green rolling hills and some ancestral homes in town, we were content to simply pass through Pililla on our way to other destinations. An unexpected... Continue Reading →

Batlag Falls: Tucked-Away Serenity

We arrived at Daranak Falls after a stopover lunch at Tanay’s Paseo de Rizal. Not surprisingly, Daranak was slowly filling up with visitors enjoying its cascades and turquoise pools. On a weekday at that. But while the views were stunning, we were finding it difficult to shoot as much photos as we wanted without having... Continue Reading →

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