Lazi: Beyond Cambugahay Falls

The town of Lazi in Siquijor is renowned for its Cambugahay Falls so on our first trip to that province 6 years ago it was high on our list of places to visit. Not on a recent return trip, however. With some people in our group nursing ankle and back injuries, negotiating the 135 steep... Continue Reading →

Salagdoong Beach: Retracing Our Steps

Years ago we’ve made it a point not to visit the same place twice, especially destinations located far from home. More recently, however, we’ve become more comfortable at retracing past jaunts. Siquijor is one such trip – an expedition primarily to accompany friends who have never been there. We only allotted a day to tour... Continue Reading →

Siquijor: A Look Back

It was popularly known to Spanish colonizers as “Isla del Fuego” (Island of Fire) for the glow given off by multitudes of fireflies at night. In the last several decades however, Siquijor became more popular for folk healing while stories about witchcraft and sorcery added to its mystique. But it was Siquijor’s relatively off-the-beaten path... Continue Reading →

Remembering Salagdoong Beach

We had been traveling on Siquijor’s main roadway, passing magnificent views of the mangrove-lined beaches and marine sanctuaries at Enrique Villanueva town along the way. Now, as our trike made its way to the town of Maria, the highway began veering inland, away from the coast. Not too long afterwards we found ourselves driving through... Continue Reading →

Time Stands Still at Sandugan Beach

After our ferry from Dumaguete landed at Larena town we were off to our home for the next three days – a dive resort at a secluded beach in the northeastern tip of Siquijor island province. Our short trike ride took us through a scenic coast past a sleepy, charming countryside before detouring into a... Continue Reading →

Solitude at Kagusuan Beach

You won’t find this beach on the itinerary of most tours being offered in Siquijor. But after observing a few pictures of it online we were determined to see Kagusuan Beach for ourselves. Our chance came during our visit to Siquijor two years ago. Apparently not all locals know the way to this beach but... Continue Reading →

Paliton and the Beaches of San Juan, Siquijor

It’s a destination so notorious for witchcraft and sorcery that many friends wondered aloud why we would ever want to visit the island in the first place. Travel shows highlighting folk healing further added to the mystique about the island province of Siquijor but we were after other attractions here. Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) almost put... Continue Reading →

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