Lake Sebu: A Look Back

We woke up the other morning to the sound of heavy rain outside. As we stared from our bedroom window at the sight of grey clouds disgorging copious sheets of rain we realized it has been almost 5 months that our city has been placed under continuous quarantine with no end in sight.

Sunshine Stolen at Gumasa Beach

Sitting on a crowded van as we made our way from General Santos City on an early December morning, we could imagine the crystal-clear turquoise waters and sparkling white sandy beach waiting for us at the end of our trip. The pictures we’ve seen of Gumasa Beach in Glan, Saranggani were enough to convince us... Continue Reading →

Chasing Waterfalls at Lake Sebu

Nina and I sometimes wonder why we waited until way past our forties to go on adventure trips. While contemporaries normally opt for more convenient travel destinations, our preferences gravitate towards off-the-beaten-path places of interest. Several of these tourist spots require long and hard treks or risky sea voyages. A bad lower back (in my case)... Continue Reading →

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