Places to Revisit: Part 2

Travel even after the Covid-19 pandemic will probably never be the same – another case of the new normal especially since travel and tourism are one of the hardest hit industries. Travel pundits have been predicting that there would be a greater focus on local vs. international travel.

Virginia and the Ghosts of History

“We talked the matter over and could have settled the war in thirty minutes had it been left to us.” So said a Confederate soldier referring to a meeting he had with a Union soldier between the lines. But it wasn’t left to them and consequently 620,000 American soldiers from both sides – more than... Continue Reading →

Lake Tahoe: Journeys with Fel

A day after arriving back from our trip to Bantayan Island earlier this month, we were greeted by sad news. A long-time friend, leader and mentor passed away after his battle with leukemia. Fel Yturralde, who hails from San Diego, California, had been our team leader for several years in the Philippines. Fel and his... Continue Reading →

Grand Canyon: A Winter Retrospect

After driving all night through Arizona and Nevada, we finally arrived at the edge of the canyon just as the early morning fog was beginning to lift from the snow-carpeted ground. The dawn snowfall had just prevented us from seeing the emerging sun herald the beginnings of new winter’s day. But after a short wait... Continue Reading →

San Diego: See You in the Morning

It was before breakfast time last Friday when we got the news that we’ve been dreading for some time. June, a friend and former teammate residing in San Diego, California with her husband and two kids, had just passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Our old team has a unique and close bond... Continue Reading →

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