Balagbag Falls on a Rainy Day

Waterfalls are supposed to be best photographed on overcast days. The lesser the sunlight, the better, since it enables the photographer to use longer time exposures that give flowing water that classic silky texture. Rainy weather also gives waterfalls a fuller look. So when we visited the coastal town of Real, Quezon on a cloudy day with intermittent rain we thought we had the perfect set-up for shooting Balagbag Falls. Or so we thought.

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Chasing Waterfalls at Lake Sebu

Nina and I sometimes wonder why we waited until way past our forties to go on adventure trips. While contemporaries normally opt for more convenient travel destinations, our preferences gravitate towards off-the-beaten-path places of interest. Several of these tourist spots require long and hard treks or risky sea voyages. A bad lower back (in my case) and bone spurs in the knees (in Nina’s case) further complicate matters. In some cases there is nothing we can do but pray, grit our teeth and hope for the best, all the while conscious of the risks involved. Fortunately there are times when we are able to discover a more favorable way of arriving at our destination.

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Lake Sebu: It’s More Than the Lake

Nina and I had taken far worst rides before but to get packed like sardines with fellow passengers while cradling a heavy backpack on your lap doesn’t help when you’re just recovering from a bout with lower back pain. To top it all the van we were riding wasn’t air-conditioned. But as we began to drive farther away from Koronadal, fields of verdant green began to sooth our eyes and take our minds off our cramped sitting arrangement. In less than an hour we were feeling the cool highland air as the van made its way to the outer fringes of Lake Sebu town. We did not really need air-conditioning on this ride after all, we thought.

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