Sagada: Hanging Coffins and More

Burial grounds rarely make for tourist destinations in the Philippines but in one of the highland towns of the Cordillera Region, a burial tradition of the indigenous population has made it a major attraction alongside majestic mountain scenery and more.

The Loboc River and Hinagdanan Cave: Bohol Countryside Tour 3

As our boat made its way down the jade green waterway, we caught glimpses of the way of life in the quiet countryside. Here and there, locals were at work at their backyards along the riverbank. Youngsters were paddling around in small bancas while children and teenage boys jumped from tree branches to swim in... Continue Reading →

The Hundred Islands

The first time we visited this group of 123 limestone islets in Lingayen Gulf it was a disappointment. The major islands were choking with visitors (albeit it was during a weekend holiday), many of them were unkempt and the corals were mostly dead and denuded of fish. But because it was relatively accessible we kept... Continue Reading →

Bolinao: Beyond Patar Beach

In our past two visits to this coastal town our primary destination has always been the same: Patar Beach. Blessed with white sand and crystal-clear waters, Patar Beach we thought was worth the long 6-hour plus drive from Metro Manila. So when Leo drove his mom, sisters and a nephew to Bolinao in Pangasinan province... Continue Reading →

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