Sagada: Hanging Coffins and More

Burial grounds rarely make for tourist destinations in the Philippines but in one of the highland towns of the Cordillera Region, a burial tradition of the indigenous population has made it a major attraction alongside majestic mountain scenery and more.

Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras

After a 9-hour bus ride from Metro Manila, a one-hour bumpy ride by jeepney and nearly an hour of trekking up and down a pathway among the hills we found ourselves standing at the rim of amphitheater-like terraced rice fields carved from the mountainside. These terraces in the upland village of Batad, now almost golden... Continue Reading →

Banaue’s Rice Terraces

After years and years of seeing it in postcards, travel guide books and school textbooks, we were finally gazing down at the rows of terraces looming out of the morning fog. Still somewhat tired from the whole day trek to and around the Batad Rice Terraces the previous day and the hike back to the... Continue Reading →

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