Chasing Real’s Fish Stalls and Waterfalls, Part 2

Amidst a dramatic increase in Covid infections in recent days, authorities have again tightened travel restrictions in Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces. This means being practically confined to our home as we try to do our part to help control another wave of the pandemic. We were fortunate to have visited a number of places the past 2 months before the recent round of travel restrictions.

Real, Quezon: Chasing Waterfalls and Fish Stalls, Part 1

Although travel restrictions are slowly being eased in the Philippines, we’re still not that confident about traveling by air or sea especially with the Covid infection rate spiraling up in the last few weeks. Confining our trips to travel by land – especially to relatively uncrowded spots – we chose to head up to the coastal town of Real, Quezon earlier this week.

Waterfall-Hopping in Real, Quezon

Our original plan was to visit Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Maricaban Island in Batangas along with love ones. But with no letup from the southwest monsoon rains – not to mention the rough seas caused by the habagat winds – it was obvious that a change in plans was in order. Lunch at Real’s seafood... Continue Reading →

Real, Quezon: A Quick Getaway

It’s not often that we travel for more than two hours just to savor freshly caught seafood. The coastal town of Real, Quezon is one of those rare exceptions. Its proximity to Manila and the variety of attractions it offers besides the seafood – pristine waterfalls, lush forests, fast-moving rivers for white water rafting, a... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of Cagbalete Island

August and January are not your normal island-hopping, beach-combing months in the Philippines. Typhoons are the norm in August and January lies smack in the middle of the northeast monsoon season that can make for scary inter-island boat trips due to the strong waves. For some strange reason we ended up visiting Cagbalete, a scenic... Continue Reading →

Return to Borawan Island and Dampalitan Beach

We’ve been here before when these two destinations and Pagbilao’s Puting  Buhangin Beach were largely outside the tour radars of most local travelers. Five years ago. We had not considered coming back until recently when we visited Nina’s aunt and uncle in Tiaong, Quezon. Since Padre Burgos town – the jump-off point for a trip... Continue Reading →

Real Seafood… in Real, Quezon

A visit to the roadside seafood market of Tignoan in Real, Quezon province reminded us about a similar trip to a market in Bantayan Island, Cebu years ago. The various fish, crustaceans and other marine animals for sale here seemed better fit for an aquarium than for the dinner table. At Real, you can buy... Continue Reading →

Balagbag Falls on a Rainy Day

Waterfalls are supposed to be best photographed on overcast days. The lesser the sunlight, the better, since it enables the photographer to use longer time exposures that give flowing water that classic silky texture. Rainy weather also gives waterfalls a fuller look. So when we visited the coastal town of Real, Quezon on a cloudy... Continue Reading →

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