Seven Commandos Beach

We’re not exactly sure how it got its name but if the origin of its label is a mystery, the reason why it got included on this tour wasn’t a question for us. The last stop of Tour A before heading back to El Nido town, the Seven Commandos Beach looks attractive even from afar. The wide expanse of creamy-white sand beach, crystal-clear turquoise waters, impressively tall karst cliffs and the dense tropical jungle behind the beach are reasons enough for including this in Tour A.

tour boats at Seven Commandos Beach, El Nido
Tour boats at the white sand beach of Seven Commandos

Seven Commandos beach actually lies on the El Nido mainland, unlike the other tour destinations, all of which are islands in Bacuit Bay. The white sand beach is wide and clean, the waves calm, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There are no entrance fees here and the huts on the beach are actually rent-free. There is a refreshments store here serving snacks and drinks, albeit on the pricey side.

turquoise waters at Seven Commandos Beach
The stunning turquoise waters of Seven Commandos Beach

There were quite a number of guests on Seven Commandos when we arrived. Beach combers were lazing away the last minutes of Tour A in the refreshing waters of the beach or tanning themselves on the sand. The wide white sand beach was just perfect for beach bummers not into swimming.

beach bummers at Seven Commandos Beach
Relaxing under the shade at Seven Commandos Beach

Despite the number of people on the beach this afternoon, Seven Commandos retained its charm. We were content to rest, relax and just enjoy the sights at this beach after a whole day of kayaking and swimming through small openings to see El Nido’s fabled lagoons. Soon we were hauling back into our boat and into the port at El Nido town as a low sun began casting its golden rays across our path.

limestone rock formation at the eastern end of Seven Commandos Beach
Huge limestone rock cliff at the eastern end of the beach; beyond this rock is Papaya Beach

Some development is slowly making its way into Seven Commandos. A four-room resort – Vellagio’s – opened early last year. Otherwise, the huts and refreshment store are the only structures on the beach. If this beach gets too crowded, visitors have the option of rounding the huge limestone rock at Seven Commando’s eastern end to anchor off the slightly smaller but just as beautiful Papaya Beach.

Boats at 7 Commandos

North of Seven Commandos are the two Ipil Ipil beaches reachable by kayak from the former. There are actually a few more nice white sand beaches this side of the El Nido mainland with names like Lapus-lapus and Yoga Beach but most are privately owned and accessible only by boat or kayak.

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    1. This is usually the last stopover for Tour A so if you spent more time at the Miniloc Lagoons (a must for us) you’ll have little time left for this. El Nido just has too many highlights for 2-3 days of island-hopping. We were even thinking of going to the Linapacan Islands further north (voted as having one of the clearest waters in the world) but simply did not have the time.

  1. We were there in 2003 and then it was no picnic sheds and no other visitors so it was only my wife and I there. They droped us of around 11:00 and picked us up around 16:00. But now when I look at the pictures it is not as beautiful as it was 13 years ago.

    1. That’s what other friends have told us about many of the beaches in El Nido. The place is easier to reach now because of better roads but mass tourism has its drawbacks also, unfortunately.

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