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Not Just A Sidetrip: Sumilon Island’s Sandbar

Sumilon Island is a small, 24-hectare island on the southeastern tip of Cebu just off the town of Oslob. It’s a picturesque island surrounded by pristine white sand beaches and therefore seemed an attractive side trip destination after our whale shark encounter at the latter. However, we did not even bother checking out a possible visit to the island knowing that a private resort occupied the whole place. Even a day trip here would surely be an extra burden for wallets already stretched for a 4-day vacation covering several destinations.

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The Gentle Giants of Oslob

It’s huge and intimidating, yet docile and gentle. It’s the world’s biggest fish and holds many other records in the animal kingdom for its sheer size. The shark often inspires terror among so many for the predatory reputation of its various species but the whale shark feeds mostly on plankton and poses no significant danger to people. Experiencing this phenomenon in the wild is therefore something to really look forward to. At the waters off Oslob in southern Cebu, Philippines, we finally encountered this remarkable animal in person.

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