Peaceful for Now: Taal Volcano

Majority of the time when looking to dine near a nature destination not too far from the urban jungle of Metro Manila, we head out to Tagaytay City in Cavite province. Along Tagaytay Ridge are numerous cafes and restaurants that offer panoramic views of Taal Lake and Volcano in the adjacent province of Batangas.

Waterfall Chasing in Amadeo, Dining in Silang

Leo’s continuing recovery and physical therapy means we won’t be able to do those arduous treks that some of the more spectacular cascades here normally require. But our itch to visit these attractions overcame whatever trepidations we might have.

Cavite Beyond the Usual Spots

One thing we’ve learned during this year of quarantine is appreciating the beauty of places not too far from the metro. Our preference is for off-the-beaten-path destinations which often suggests travel to remote places far from home.

Time Travel with Bag of Beans

At home for more than a month now, with the National Capital Region here in the Philippines in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we sorely miss dining at a place closer to nature but just outside Metro Manila. Invariably, one such location that comes to mind is a café nestled in the highlands of... Continue Reading →

Amadeo and Silang: An Unforeseen Visit

Perhaps there’s nothing more frustrating than hiking to a waterfall only to discover that it has completely dried up once you get to the spot. From experience, however, we learned how to adjust quickly and make the most of our circumstances. And that was how we ended up visiting the towns of Amadeo and Silang... Continue Reading →

Chasing Beaches in Cavite

People have often asked if we could recommend nice beaches within 2 hours drive from Metro Manila. It’s an almost impossible question to answer since driving just to get outside of the metropolis would already take 2 hours in many cases. And then the nearest white sand beaches that we know – in the provinces... Continue Reading →

Amadeo’s Balite Falls

Despite its proximity to Tagaytay City the town of Amadeo in Cavite has pretty much remained under the tourism radar. A small town of less than 40,000 people, Amadeo is nonetheless known as the “Coffee Capital of the Philippines," acting as a major supplier of coffee beans to Metro Manila’s numerous cafes. Looking for a... Continue Reading →

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