Not Just Two: Kalayaan’s Twin Falls

Looking for a quick one-day getaway from Metro Manila’s urban chaos we decided to look east instead of south where most of the destinations were still blanketed by ash and still at risk from Taal Volcano’s wrath. That led us to the towns east of Laguna de Bay and into the town of Kalayaan, Laguna... Continue Reading →

We Keep Coming Back to Dumaguete

A 2014 Forbes Magazine article ranked it number 5 on its list of “7 Best Places to Retire Around the World,” yet few Filipinos seemed to notice. Since visiting Dumaguete in 2013 however, we’ve been continuously drawn to this central Philippines city, a clear favorite of ours. So what exactly makes it so attractive to... Continue Reading →

Lazi: Beyond Cambugahay Falls

The town of Lazi in Siquijor is renowned for its Cambugahay Falls so on our first trip to that province 6 years ago it was high on our list of places to visit. Not on a recent return trip, however. With some people in our group nursing ankle and back injuries, negotiating the 135 steep... Continue Reading →

Salagdoong Beach: Retracing Our Steps

Years ago we’ve made it a point not to visit the same place twice, especially destinations located far from home. More recently, however, we’ve become more comfortable at retracing past jaunts. Siquijor is one such trip – an expedition primarily to accompany friends who have never been there. We only allotted a day to tour... Continue Reading →

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