Palo Alto: Waterfalls in an Unlikely Place

Whenever we wanted a short encounter with nature we found out long ago that a short 2 to 3- hour ride – short by Metro Manila traffic standards that is – was all we needed to get to the waterfalls in Laguna province. Or to the highlands of Tanay town in Rizal which was even... Continue Reading →

Remembering Coron

As the ferry slowly glided into a channel towards our destination, primeval towers of limestone rising out of aquamarine and turquoise waters greeted our eyes that cold June morning. It was our first visit to Coron in northern Palawan 18 years ago. Soon we were talking to a Danish woman who rented her boat to... Continue Reading →

Time Travel with Bag of Beans

At home for more than a month now, with the National Capital Region here in the Philippines in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we sorely miss dining at a place closer to nature but just outside Metro Manila. Invariably, one such location that comes to mind is a café nestled in the highlands of... Continue Reading →

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